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All About Me

While battling my own health issues, I realized there was a gap between conventional and alternative medicine. 

Understanding the importance of a sound holistic approach to health, I founded Trinity Health - a holistic wellness company rooted in evidence based wellness.

Throughout the past decade I have helped numerous clients sleep better, lose weight, increase their energy and understand the root cause of their hormonal imbalances and dysfunction - helping them find their zest for life and vitality.  

I provide nutrition consultations to adults and children, and educate families on ways live happier, healthier lives by focusing on a complete mind, body and spirit approach. 

I proudly serves my community, my clients and their families through my extensive knowledge and humor.

My Credentials

I hold an Honors B.Sc, and M.Ed as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner, Life Coach and a Certified Metabolic Coach.

I specialize in Thyroid, Hormone and Weight loss Nutrition

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